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Eastham MA - The Coolest Beach Town in Cape Cod

I think Eastham MA is the coolest beach town for family vacations, and some beaches are just really ridiculously good-looking!.
Eastham ma located in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, between Orleans and Wellfleet towns and not far from Provincetown, is 24 miles by the road.

Quote of the day:
Cape Cod; 'A man may stand there and put all America behind him.'
Henry David Thoreau.

Eastham ma images:

ocean sunrise nauset light beach eastham ma cape cod national seashore
Sunrise at Nauset Light beach, Eastham MA.

cape cod news eastham ma coast guard beach station sunrise
Coast Guard beach, Lifesaving Station, Eastham, Massachusetts.

cape cod news eastham ma road to coast guard beach
Road to Coast Guard beach, Eastham ma.

Eastham ma, Mysterious  Salt Pond Marches. Cape Cod news
Mysterious Salt Pond, Eastham Mass.

Cape Cod news. thumpertown beach eastham ma sunset
Sunset watching on Thumpertown beach Eastham.

sunken meadow beach eastham ma cape cod travel
The bluest sky over Sunken Meadow beach, Eastham ma.

My favorite is Coast Guard beach on Cape Cod National Seashore in Eastham ma.

© Cape Cod images by Darius. A - Dapixara.

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