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October 2014

Misty Sunrise W Boat

Misty Sunrise W Boat.
Misty Sunrise With Boat. Cape Cod photos by photographer Dapixara.
Cape Cod photos by photographer Dapixara. © 2014.


Tall Ship Kalmar Nyckel

Tall ship “Kalmar Nyckel" got a bit feisty and tried to shoot me.
Tall ship kalmar nyckel. Dapixara photograph. Provincetown, Massachusetts.
© Dapixara. 2014, Provincetown.


Huge Waves

Huge waves crashing on Nauset beach today!
Huge Nauset beach Waves. Cape Cod photos by photographer Dapixara.
© Dapixara #NausetBeach waves.
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Days Cottages - Truro Cape Cod

Classic “Days’ Cottages” in Truro, Cape Cod.
Days' cottages panorama, Truro, Cape Cod. Dapixara Cape Cod photos.
© Dapixara photograph.

Where Do Oysters Comes From?

“Where do oysters comes from?”
“Over there!” I said, pointing across towards the Wellfleet harbor.
- Dapixara.

Wellfleet oysterfest. Oyster and clam rake, pointing to Wellfleet harbor. Dapixara photograph.
“Oyster Rake” at Mayo beach in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. 2014 © Dapixara photograph.


Left Turn Only - Provincetown

In Provincetown sunsets Left Turn Only!
© Dapixara photography. Provincetown, MA, Cape Cod.


The Last Rays Of Sunset

The last rays of sunset over Stage Harbor lighthouse in Chatham, MA.
The last rays of sunset over Chatham light in Cape Cod. Dapixara photograph.
© Dapixara photograph, 2014, Chatham, Massachusetts.


Lobster Shack - Sepia Art Print

Fine art print “Lobster Shack" on Rock harbor in Cape Cod.
lobster shack sepia art print for sale. Black and white photograph by Dapixara.
© Dapixara - sepia prints for sale.


Nauset Lighthouse in Fall Foliage

Nauset Lighthouse in Fall Foliage. Eastham, Massachusetts, Cape Cod
Nauset Lighthouse, Fall Foliage in Cape Cod.
© Dapixara 2014, October.


Crystal Lake

Massachusetts - Crystal lake fall foliage with reflections.
© Dapixara photograph.