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February 2014

American Turkey Vulture

American Turkey Vulture. A common American vulture with black plumage and a bare red head.
Minimalistic bird photograph by Dapixara.
Popular Configurations:
American Turkey Vulture Canvas Print
Stretched Canvas.

American Turkey Vulture on Contemporary White Frames
Contemporary White Frames.

American Turkey Vulture Frames with Modern Lines
Frames with Modern Lines.

American Turkey Vulture with Classical Baroque Frames
Classical Baroque Frames.

American Turkey Vulture Unframed Print by Dapixara
Unframed Print.

Dapixara: Deep Silence and Calm Framed Photograph

Decorate with beach photographs on canvas, framed prints.
Four different sizes: Square photographic framed prints (8.0’’ x 8.0”, 11.0” x 11.0”, 16.0” x 16.0”, 24.0” x 24.0”).
“Deep Silence and Calm” Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Deep Silence and Calm by Dapixara Art
Deep Silence and Calm by Dapixara Art

© 2014 Dapixara.

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Blue Crush Abstract - Dapixara

“Blue Crush” photo abstract, © 2014 Dapixara.
WELLFLEET winter scene abstract.
Abstract artwork photo collage by Dapixara
Title: Blue Crush abstract.
Author: Dapixara
Year: 2014

Winter Sunset Photos

Photo of Wellfleet, Massachusetts, Duck Harbor beach.
The photo, titled “Winter Sunset” © Dapixara
The temperature that day reached 19F
Time 5:32pm
Date February 6, 2014.
Winter sunset photo of Cape Cod beach in winter by photographer Dapixara

Winter Photo of Cape Cod, Wellfleet, Massachusetts, Duck Harbor beach.
The photo, titled “Winter Sunset - From Wellfleet to Provincetown” © Dapixara
Time 5:34pm
Date February 6, 2014.
Cape Cod Winter sunset images by photographer Dapixara
Cape Cod Winter sunsets by Dapixara.

Tall Ship Kalmar Nyckel - Dapixara

Tall Ship “Kalmar Nyckel Ropes”, Cape Cod, Provincetown.
Fine art print for sale by Dapixara. Great for beach home decor!
Tall ship print available for sale as framed print, print on canvas, metal print & posters - Order Now!
tall ship photograph for sale by Dapixara for beach decor

Cape Cod Winter Beach Scenes

Cape Cod Winter Beach Scenes - WELLFLEET, Great Island.
Cape Cod winter photo prints for sale by © Dapixara 2014, February.
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