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August 2014

Gold Exuberance Over Cape Cod Beach

Photo: Gold Exuberance over Cape Cod beach.
Gold Exuberance. Atlantic Ocean Dapixara Cape Cod photography.
© Dapixara. Cape Cod sunrises.


Wellfleet Theater - Black and White

The building in Wellfleet, MA, once called W.H.A.T Now Harbor Stage Company.
what wellfleet theatre. Dapixara Cape Cod black and white photography.
Black and white photograph by © Dapixara. Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Photo: WHAT (Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater) now “ Harbor Stage Company”.


This Is How Looks Unlocked Cloud Storage

This is how looks unlocked cloud storage over Chatham in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
This Is How Looks Unlocked Cloud Storage. Cloudscapes over Chatham, Cape Cod: Dapixara cloud photography.
© 2014 Dapixara Cloudscapes photography.


Marconi Beach - Wellfleet, MA

Everyday a beach day when you live on the beach. Marconi Beach in Wellfleet, MA, Cape Cod.
Marconi Beach Dune. Wellfleet, MA. Dapixara photography.
© Dapixara beach photography.


Dramatic Clouds Over Atlantic Ocean

Dramatic clouds break up over the Atlantic Ocean. Stunning sunrise over Nauset beach, Cape Cod.
Photo: Dramatic Clouds Over Atlantic Ocean: Dapixara Cape Cod photos
© 2014 Dapixara - beach photography.


Cottage On A Cove

Cottage on a Cove. Orleans, Massachusetts, Cape Cod.
Cape Cod cottage. Photograph of Orleans, Massachusetts town Cove and cottage by photographer Dapixara.
© Dapixara, 2014. Orleans, MA, Cape Cod.


First Light on First Encounter Beach in Eastham, Cape Cod

First Light on First Encounter Beach in Eastham, Cape Cod.
© Dapixara. Cape Cod beach photograph.


All The Lonely People

Like from The Beatles song “All the lonely people, where do they all come from? / All the lonely people, where do they all belong?”
Photo: Lonely people on Nauset beach, Cape Cod, Eastham - Orleans. Photographer: © Dapixara 2014.


Herring River Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Herring River, Wellfleet, Massachusetts, Cape Cod.
Herring River Wellfleet black and white photograph by Dapixara
© Dapixara. Cape Cod, black and white photography.


Sand Shark on Nauset Beach

Sand shark jumping out of the sand at Nauset beach.
cape-cod-shark-2. Cape Cod sand shark. Photograph dapixara.
Nauset beach sunrise, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. © Dapixara 2014.