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Charles W. Morgan 38th Voyage

Charles W. Morgan visits Provincetown on 38th Voyage. July 11 2014.
This time instead of hunting whales, the last wooden whale ship sail as an ambassador for ocean conservation.
173 Year Old Charles W. Morgan was a US whaling ship during the 19th and early 20th century.
Charles W Morgan 38th Voyage in Provincetown. © Dapixara photograph 2014 July 11
© Dapixara photo: A First day on Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

Charles W. Morgan closeup, Dapixara photography
© Dapixara photo: Charles W. Morgan closeup.

Tall Ship Charles-W-Morgan and Whale. Dapixara pic.
© Dapixara photo: Charles W. Morgan whale research and sailing in Stellwagen Bank, Provincetown, Cape Cod.

All photography © Dapixara 2014.
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