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Book Title: Dapixara - Black and White Photography - American Coast.

This largest, rare & collectible special limited edition photo book, printed on a specially made professional paper, is limited
to nine hundred seventy-three (973) copies for sale.
Offered exclusively by author Dapixara and available from this online bookstore.
Limited edition book with black-and-white photographs, signed and individually numbered by book author Dapixara.
Dapixara limited edition books
American photography book author dapixara.
Book Author / photographer Dapixara.
• Edition: Signed first edition, Vol.1 Special limited collectors edition.
• Book Size: XL 13" x 11".
• Pages: 120.
• Pictures Quality: HQ (Highest quality).
• Paper Quality: Professional Archival-Quality (best quality for photo books).
• Cover: Hardcover, ImageWrap.
• Published: October 17, 2012.
• Book Author: Dapixara.

Price: $ 973.81
Limited edition photography books for sale
Collectible photography book by Dapixara
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Limited edition photography books for sale.